Baltic Bonanza

Baltic Bonanza


With its ancient labyrinth of waterways, trade routes, imperial cities and virgin landscapes, Northern Europe is a magical yacht charter zone. From the wild glacial majesty of Norway’s west coast to the infectious feel-good vibe of Denmark, the stylish modernity of Sweden and the cultural treasures of Russia’s Baltic coast, it has the variety to satisfy even the most ambitious charter yacht explorer.

In West Norway, where the fjords come into dramatic union with the open sea, Bergen grants easy access to thousand-metre cliffs, majestic waterfalls and blissful anchorages. For a more sophisticated slice of urban finesse, medieval Copenhagen, on the islands of Zealand and Amager, is arguably the most thrilling yacht charter base in Scandinavia. If true nautical flavour is what you want, Sweden’s capital is well placed, with the Baltic on one side and island-rich Lake Malaren on the other. And for an unmatched cocktail of opulence, confidence and cultural vitality try St Petersburg, a truly iconic charter destination.



1. Denmark
Copenhagen is arguably the most thrilling yacht charter base in the whole of Scandinavia. Perched on the islands of Zealand and Amager, with Malmo just across the water, the gorgeous alfresco elegance of its 17th century Nyhavn waterfront is only part of the story. 

2. Iceland
If you are looking for adventure then Iceland is your answer. The vast glaciers, volcanoes and deep fjords are a natural phenomenon to discover. Explore the many waterfalls, geysers and geothermal mud pools as well as the surreal Northern Lights.  

3.  Norway 
Its fragmented west coast comprises a series of deep-hewn fissures and knife-edge landmasses, cut through with waterways that extend far into the country’s mountainous interior. The most striking section of this charter encompasses Norway’s famous fjords – long, narrow sea inlets between steep glacial cliffs that provide an endless labyrinth of cruising opportunities.

4. Russia
The dramatic port city of St Petersburg is the natural choice for a Russian yacht charter. With 64 rivers, 48 canals and 92 nautical miles of coastline, it is plainly a place with yachting at its heart. However, it’s the opulence, the confidence and the cultural importance of St Petersburg that makes it such an iconic world destination.

5. Sweden
With nearly 100,000 lakes and a long coastline broken into complex networks of coves and islands, Sweden is a powerfully nautical nation. Bookended by the North Sea on one side and the Baltic on the other, it’s also a place in love with outdoor pursuits. From fishing to yachting, walking, skiing and hunting, Sweden’s vast tracts of water and wild virgin forests are the perfect outdoor playground. 

6. United Kingdom
The sailing grounds in the United Kingdom offer a wealth of splendid scenery. It boasts of some of the most iconic coastlines and skylines in Europe. Explore the many islands, rivers and canals or the myriad of pulsating cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages. 


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