Embark on the journey of a lifetime only accessible by sea or air. Whilst the majority will immediately think of the azure shores of the Caribbean, up to 95% of coastlines are yet to be explored. With off-the-beaten-track destinations yearning to be discovered, Imperial’s Charter Department are all about extreme destinations. 

The superyacht industry has reciprocated the demands of the charter market. The evolution of thinking and desire for travel has shaped how brokers and builders anticipate the future. The increasing demand for experience-led itineraries and escapades has been reciprocated with superyachts designed for autonomous journeys. As a result, the construction of larger vessels and expedition superyachts provide a new platform for adventure.

These lands of primal beauty are completely disconnected from the outside world and remain a haven for intrepid travellers inspired by nature and exploration. Explore where few others have and experience the incredible landscapes from the comfort of a completely autonomous superyacht. As the cruising grounds are rich in wildlife, geysers and volcanos, the itinerary is planned around the discovery of these virgin territories. To witness extraordinary flora and fauna, activities range from heli-skiing down a smoky volcano to hiking across glaciers and lava tunnels or observing endemic species from a submarine to ice diving (for those who can brave out the cold!). Take the helicopter on an excursion to mountain streams for salmon fishing or fly over acid lakes. The concept of adventure is raised to another level with the bounty of things to do.

The untapped peninsula of Far East Russia stands out as a favourite charter destination. From Kamchatka travelling down South to the Kuril Islands, this volcanic archipelago is a remarkable superyacht voyage. Launch your charter in Kamchatka, where brown bears roam the breath-taking scenery and orca whales navigate through icy waters. In the summer, the rivers are filled with salmon, as it is the only place in the world where all six species of wild Pacific salmon can be found. The grounds are dotted with calderas, bubbling thermal springs and volcanic lakes. 

Cruise down South and explore the fifty-six islands that are speckled over 1,200 kilometres. The remote Kuril Islands stretches northeast from Hokkaido, Japan to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. It is part of the tectonic instability of the Pacific Ocean, also known as the “Ring of Fire” – the land has more than three hundred volcanos, thirty of which erupt regularly, leaving an incredible never seen before landscape. This unique landscape portrays the range of climates from sub-Arctic to temperate, with lush forests, snow-capped peaks and rocky shores.

On Simushir Island, the four volcanos create a dramatic scene with a backdrop of emerald green forests. The island obtains Cold War relics, including an abandoned Russian submarine base. Enjoy some of the best heli-skiing from the summit to the sea at Nemo Peak. The wildlife is as vast and varied as the climate in this region. The land is mainly inhabited by Arctic foxes, sables, and Steller sea lions, where waters bustling with playful seals and humpback whales are a common sight.

Encounter nature in its truest form, it is a gift from this land of unexpected treasures.


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