Indian Summer Superyacht Charter

Indian Summer Superyacht Charter


It’s September but that doesn’t mean the summer season is over! Our planet’s incredible variation means that there is always somewhere with warm sunny weather we can escape to. Whether you want to enjoy a less crowded town or explore something completely exotic, we have set out a list of the top five destinations to explore in September or October for an Indian Summer.


The French Island of Corsica is a lush, volcanic destination with a distinctly Italian flavour. On the east coast, the terrain is flat and beachy with a scattering of compact harbours, while in the west, a wild cascade of steep cliffs and rock stacks plunges unchecked into the open sea. Here, the complex deep-water shoreline creates a landscape that’s not just more dramatic but also more versatile for roaming superyachts.


From uninhabited hideaways to bustling resorts and from beaches and seascapes to history and hedonism, a Greek yacht charter has the capacity to satisfy your wanderlust like few other destinations.  It’s a place of shipwrecks, sunsets and sandy beaches; of honeymooners and romantic escapes. From the slow, traditional rurality of Syros to the ‘destination glamour’ of modish Santorini, the varied delights of this close-packed archipelago are easily accessible on a week’s charter from Athens.


The Turkish Riviera is set against the backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, on the boundary between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Turkey’s “Turquoise Coast” is a vibrant clash of contradictions: it offers secluded coves, plunging landscapes and long, golden beaches.

On the other, it blends ancient cities and oriental bazaars with the effortless opulence of first-rate eateries, stylish cafes and glittering superyacht harbours.


Croatia’s Adriatic coastline looks like it might have been engineered specifically with yacht charter in mind. With more than 1,200 islands, allied to one of Europe’s sunniest climates and several of the world’s most glorious UNESCO-protected cities, this hallowed land of olive groves and vineyards offers enormous potential for a bespoke yacht charter itinerary.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat translated in the local language means “The Four Kings”. It is an archipelago covering over 15,000 small islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. It is an exquisite yachting destination with so much to explore. The white sands and enchanting villages where you can truly recharge in paradise.

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