Charter during the iconic Formula 1 Grand Prix

Charter during the iconic Formula 1 Grand Prix


The Grand Prix held in the principality of Monte Carlo is one of the most glamorous and exciting tracks in the world. Catch the action with the ultimate charter experience and spectate from the comfort of a superyacht. With incredible views on the winding streets of Monaco, feel the wind of the cars racing past you. The Grand Prix starts with qualifiers on Thursday and runs until the thrilling race day on Sunday.

The Monaco Grand Prix has been held annually since 1929 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious races, attracting many people across the globe to join in the exclusive event. No circuit can match the challenge and quality, from Casino Square to the world-famous Hairpin. The cars speed down the narrow streets for 78 laps, leaving little room for driver error and tight overtaking opportunities!

Imperial provides corporate charters and private charters for those who would like to include the glitzy Grand Prix in their summer itinerary. The fabulous event also comes with plenty of nightlife activities, as pop-up restaurants and nightclubs from London, New York and Dubai open exclusively for the four days.

Corporate charters during the Grand Prix for client entertainment make a fresh and invigorating change from the norm. Like a holiday charter, you can specify the duration and benefit from the same level of staffing as a luxury charter; this means a fully crewed vessel with all service and catering provided. The superyacht can be transformed at night with a DJ or band, providing an unforgettable experience on-board.

If you prefer to kick-off the summer season with the Grand Prix, this can be done too. Spend your days exploring the coast of the French Riviera from Monaco to St. Tropez, making a stop at Ile Saint-Marguerite’s translucent creeks – great for a leisurely swim. The Western Mediterranean offers many treasures, from the fast-living glitz of the French Riviera to the dreamy, indulgent glamour of western Italy, and the enduring charm of Corsica’s timeless shores. Plan your private charter around the event and explore the many gems around the coast.

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